How it all started.

Most often people think miracles lie in things that are larger than life. Yes, I do agree. But what most people fail to realise is that miracles take birth in the most trivial things.  That’s why we come into this world tiny but gifted in innumerable ways.All it takes is for us to see it.  The world is filled with miracles .We are God’s miracles. The surprise element  brings with it the sort of happiness that is hard to surpass. I always loved food. Family dinners to any nice fancy restaurant made me happy. Home deliveries and mom’s new recipes always excited me. I liked cooking. But it was just this year that I realised that my heart lies in gastronomy. It’s where I belong. It’s what makes me happy more than anything else. It  is more like a cure for anything . For hunger, for stress, for sorrow ,for pain. Through cooking I find myself and free my powers and strengths . To me it was more like a best friend who had always been there through all the troubles. But I ended up falling in love with that best friend. And I’m pretty sure I’m going to tie the knot with food aka my best friend very soon. 

I am starting small with this free blog. I hope to enhance my blogging skills so I am ready to take it up seriously and even start spending money on it . I am looking forward to this new experience With the hope that this will push me harder   to create and re-create more and more amazing dishes and learn more about the world of food . 


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